Literally Translated


Dan Powell first picked up a guitar at age twelve, drawing inspiration from classic rock greats like The Beatles and The Cars. For two decades since, he has served as a lead guitarist and vocalist in cover bands to rock and pop groups. Following several years with Americana group Sim Ross and the Redemption, Jason Consolacion, and Bushwick-based Gold Stars for Everyone, Powell decided to go solo as The Literal Translation, releasing his first album of original music in 2019.


Limits of Mind is an indie-rock release containing elements of blues and 70s-influenced funk and psychedelic rock, a style Powell refers to as “post-yacht rock”. Lyrically, the album paints a cinematic picture of a twenty-something’s search for deeper meaning.


Dan continues to fill in as lead guitarist for NYC-based studio and live projects, including L Train Brass spinoff Projekt Skunkworks.